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Order process

Select the desired item - put in the shopping cart, submit the order (fill in the receiving address / delivery / payment method) to the immediate payment receipt and evaluation
1 find favorite products
A, in the search bar to enter keywords to find favorite products
B, enter the merchandise category page to find favorite products
2 put in shopping cart (buy now)
A, in the search bar to enter keywords to find favorite products
B, enter the product category page or commodity brand page to find favorite products
C, through the advanced search, according to the price, classification and so on to find favorite products
3 submit orders (into the settlement center)
A, user login, registration
If you are not registered in the registry, you need to sign up for a new member; if you are already a registered member, you can log in directly. Tips: Registration takes only one minute.
B, fill in the consignee information
In order to ensure that the goods you ordered to the destination, please fill in the consignee's name, address, telephone and other valid information; if you provide the wrong delivery of goods, we are not responsible for.
C, select delivery mode
Fill in the delivery mode according to your receiving area.
D, select the payment method
Provide payment: online payment (Alipay, caifutong, online banking).
E, immediate payment
Online payment orders, in the payment process to withdraw the payment page or insufficient funds can not be completed immediately payment, can not successfully generate orders. If you want to purchase the goods in the order again, you can click on the "my order - waiting for the completion of the transaction," click on "re join the shopping cart," re purchase of goods.
If you do not timely payment, the goods may be bought by other users, inconvenience, please understand.
F, confirm the order and submit
Complete all of the above process, you can click on the "confirmation of the order submitted" button, the order submitted after the page will prompt the order number, enter the "my order" to query order status.
G, receiving and confirming
Under normal circumstances, most parts of the country 3-5 days arrival (except for weather disasters and other delays). After receiving the goods, please evaluate our products!